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The 7 Best Advantages of Online Work in 2023

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People started to embrace online work more during the Covid pandemic. But now that things are returning to normal, some still prefer to work from the comfort of their homes. Some are digital nomads who juggle working from home while exploring places. If you are an avid traveler, you should explore this work setup and start ticking your travel bucket list.

We discussed more advantages of having a remote job in this article. If you also want to know the must-haves for virtual workers and some online jobs you might want to check out, read further.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Would Want an Online Work

·        Schedule flexibility

·        Spending time with family/ loved ones

·        No commute

·        Global reach

·        Personal development

·        Earning more

·        Improved productivity

Schedule flexibility: The top reason to pursue online work.

With a flexible schedule, you will likely achieve the work-life balance you desire. Proper time management allows you to allot time for your physical fitness and even mental health exercises. You can spend some time doing your passion projects or your hobbies. The possibilities are endless with the flexibility you can get by working remotely.

Spending time with family/ loved ones

And since you have more flexibility and freedom, you can spend more time with your loved ones. You are not tied to 9-5 office hours, so juggling family life can be a little easier. Spending more time with people you love allows you to get the support you need. It can also lessen your stress, which is always beneficial for your mental health and physical health.

If you have kids, having the flexibility will allow you to ensure that they are taken care of. You can monitor what they eat or even watch or the influence they have. Children can perform well academically, and you can guide them better to avoid behavioral problems. Spending quality time with them also gives them that secure attachment essential for their mental fortitude as they reach adulthood.

No commute

Commuting to work is one of the most dreaded parts of the day for most workers, especially in countries where it is congested and public transportation is not conducive. Several studies by experts associated stress from commuting with higher blood pressure ( And since the Covid pandemic, public transportation has been risky due to possible exposure to the virus. The high gas price also makes it impractical to drive your own car (on top of other car maintenance expenses). Due to high gas prices, the fare also increased, leaving minimum wage earners even to cut down other expenses.

Think about it; the number of hours you spend on the commute can be instead spent on your physical fitness or spending time with your children. The money you spend on the fare or gasoline/petrol can instead be allocated for emergency funds or added to your savings. If you have online work, you can really benefit a lot from not commuting daily.

Global reach

Remote working opens opportunities to work with different companies and nationalities. This will help you expand your capacity to work with people having different cultures. You can expand your network as well.

Exposure to diverse cultures improves your creativity, according to Forbes, as cited by 6Q. As you interact and work with people having different worldviews and perspectives, you can develop more creative approaches to finding solutions for your niche. So you do not have to be stuck in a multinational corporation rendering 9-5 office hours to experience cultural diversity. Just log in and create your profile on UpWork or similar sites to get international clients.

Personal development

If you want to have an online job, you have to be resourceful; this is one of the most important traits you must have as a freelancer. While there are clients who would invest in your personal development, you will need to have the initiative to prioritize this. Sharpening your skills and keeping them up to date is very important in freelancing because the competition can be tough. You can take this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. With your flexible schedule, you can always check on resources and spend some time within the day to polish your skills. There are many free tutorials on YouTube.

Freelancing can also allow you to explore several niches. You do not have to get stuck into one niche, though being an expert in one can also benefit you. But if you are a career shifter or have not yet decided on your career path, starting as a Virtual Assistant will be great. You will be exposed to other industries in which you will learn what is in demand and where your talents and skills can fit best.

You will have great room to improve your managerial capacity, communication skills, and initiative as a freelancer. These soft skills, though not emphasized in job postings, are crucial in enabling you to succeed in freelancing.

Most of the time, your training will be on-the-job or hands-on. You can directly apply the things you learn from your client or other workmates or from tutorials online.  So, in general, working remotely will open vast opportunities for you to improve yourself.

Earning more

While we do not want to romanticize freelancing, as it is not a walk in the park, you will definitely have opportunities to earn more. Seasoned freelancers can land several projects and work on them simultaneously. You can work multiple jobs and consequently earn more. You can earn in US dollars and other currencies with higher exchange rates. However, just a word of caution, do not compromise the quality of your work. Never commit to something which you know you cannot deliver well. Your credibility and integrity are very important in this industry.

Improved productivity

Working in a place where you are comfortable with plus the absence of stress from commute can really boost one’s productivity. These two main factors will give you more energy to focus on your tasks.

And since there is lesser face-to-face interaction with your colleagues or boss, you will be able to focus more on doing your tasks, granted that you keep other distractions at bay. You can control more what communications you will entertain than in an office-based setup where your officemates can easily visit you in your workstation.

However, staying organized and managing your time well are keys to productivity that you also need when working remotely. Create a system that will enable smooth workflow. We recommend the Pomodoro technique if you struggle with focus.

Must-haves If You Want To Do Online Work

·        Good working laptop (Check out our recommendations)

·        Reliable internet connection

·        Portable WiFi

·        Power bank

·        UPS (if you are using a desktop PC)

·        Noise-cancellation headset

Check out our list of must-have tools.

Online Work for Beginners

1. Content Writer

If you have a knack for writing and are looking for a flexible job that allows you to work from home, then content writing might be for you. Several websites and businesses are always in need of fresh content, and you can help to provide it as a content writer. You can set your own hours and rates. You must have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, specifically using keywords to optimize your article for search ranking.

2. Social Media Manager

If you love being active on social media, why not get paid to do it? As a social media manager, you will be responsible for managing the social media accounts for a business or website. This can involve creating and scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and monitoring analytics. It is a great way to make money while spending time on something you enjoy.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative or other support to clients remotely. This could involve tasks such as data entry, customer service, managing calendars, or anything else the client needs help with. Virtual assistants are in high demand, and as long as you have strong organizational and communication skills, you can be successful in this role.

4. Online Tutor

If you are knowledgeable in a particular subject area, you can use that knowledge to earn money by tutoring students online. You can set your own hours and rates and work with students from all over the world. This is a great job for someone who enjoys helping others and wants to make some extra money.


Online work might be best for you if you are tired of commuting and the 9-5 office job. While you need patience and some effort to land your first job, the benefits of working remotely are worth it. Imagine having a flexible schedule, no commute, spending time with your loved ones, working with many people globally, opportunities for personal development, earning more, and improving productivity; all of these can be possible with online jobs. You can start with our job recommendations (content writer, social media manager, virtual assistant, and online tutor) good for beginners. Also, take note of some gadgets you need as a remote worker.

We hope convinced you enough to take the leap and explore working remotely. You can check our website for more information and tips.

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